Whats Does Exposition Mean?

What is bad exposition?

Bad exposition is usually forced and awkward, making characters say things to people that they should already know, for the purpose or really saying it to the reader.

Characters telling each other things they already know solely for the benefit of the reader: bad..

How do you use exposition in a sentence?

Exposition sentence examplesThe President of the Exposition gave her this letter: … His special work was the exposition of the Old and New Testaments in the light of his great Oriental learning and according to his characteristic principle of “natural explanation.” … In 1887 the Piedmont Exposition was held in Atlanta.More items…

What is the purpose of exposition?

Definition of Exposition. Exposition is a literary device used to introduce background information about events, settings, characters, or other elements of a work to the audience or readers.

What are the types of exposition?


What are the three parts of exposition?

1) Exposition (introduction) – Beginning of the story; characters, background, and setting revealed. 2) Rising Action – Events in the story become complicated; the conflict is revealed. These are events between the introduction and climax. 3) Climax – Turning point of the story.

What does Exposition mean in writing?

Narrative exposition is the insertion of background information within a story or narrative. … This information can be about the setting, characters’ backstories, prior plot events, historical context, etc.

What does the exposition mean?

the act of expounding, setting forth, or explaining: the exposition of a point of view. writing or speech primarily intended to convey information or to explain; a detailed statement or explanation; explanatory treatise: The students prepared expositions on familiar essay topics.

What is too much exposition?

Exposition includes material that explains the story’s premise, its characters, and its world and/or setting. Too little exposition is a problem because with insufficient information, the audience won’t be able to understand what’s going on in a screenplay or film. But too much exposition is also a problem.

What does an exposition include?

In literature, exposition is a form of writing that explains what’s happening or has happened in the story in a very matter-of-fact way. Exposition may present background information of the plot or characters, explain details about the setting, convey a sense of the historical context, and so on.

What makes a good exposition?

All good exposition is disguised by making it dramatic – by injecting conflict. … Exposition works when it’s a tool a character uses to achieve their desire. If this desire is confronted with opposition, conflict is generated and exposition becomes invisible.

Which is the best example of exposition?

Popular Examples of Exposition You’ve no doubt read or heard the opening line many times: ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far away, far away…’ The opening title sequence in Star Wars is an excellent example of exposition in film. In a novel, the author typically places the backstory at the beginning.

What happens during exposition of a story?

Definition: The part of the plot that provides the reader with background information introducing the setting, characters, and main conflicts. The exposition usually occurs at the beginning of a novel or story and may be short or long. … This is in contrast to the rising action which leads up to the plot’s climax.

How do you avoid exposition?

The best way to avoid exposition is to cut it from your story. Yes, you need to know every detail of your story, but that doesn’t mean you need to put it on the page. You need to know all the facts, but you don’t need to explain them. You need to impart important details, but you can be clever about it.

What is an example of an exposition?

Exposition is the first part of the plot sequence in a story. The beginning of the story where the characters and setting are introduced is called the exposition. Romeo and his friends decide to mask themselves and attend a party at the Capulets’-when Romeo sees Juliet, the action begins to rise. …

Is exposition always bad?

Another reason this can be a bad thing is because it tends to bog you down as a reader and really slows the pace of the story, because there’s this long section where something is being explained. So, those are the reasons that exposition is generally considered undesirable, because it is just telling something.