What Does It Mean When Someone Says Nothing More Nothing Less?

What does I expect nothing less from you mean?

You wouldn’t expect anything different from that person or situation.

You wouldn’t expect anything different from that person or situation..

What does short of that mean?

Short of something also means not including something: There must be some punishment you can give him short of expelling him from school.

What does nothing else mean?

: no more There’s nothing else to say.

How do you say nothing in short?

16 Ways To Say “Nothing”

What is the other word for amazing?

What is another word for amazing?incrediblemind-blowingastonishingremarkableunbelievableastoundingbreathtakingexcitingfascinatingmarvelousUS229 more rows

Why would I expect anything less?

means literally what it says. Usually it is said when someone has done their darndest to get something done or to make something special. They may have gone to great lengths to have things as presented, and the receiver of the moment says, “From you, I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

What does nothing more mean?

phrase. If you say that someone or something is nothing more than a particular thing, you are emphasizing that they are only that thing, and nothing more interesting or important. [emphasis] The newly discovered notes are nothing more than Lang’s personal journal. See full dictionary entry for more.

Is nothing short of?

You use nothing short of or little short of to emphasize how great or extreme something is. For example, if you say that something is nothing short of a miracle or nothing short of disastrous, you are emphasizing that it is a miracle or it is disastrous.

Would not expect anything less meaning?

Usually people say “I wouldn’t expect anything less from him,” and it can be used as a compliment to someone whose standards are always impeccably high. Otherwise it means that he is doing doing what is expected of him.

What does I wouldn’t expect anything more mean?

It means that you have high expectations from that person and they do something really good/big and you aren’t surprised just because it’s that person. Hope this helped, feel free to ask for clarification^^ See a translation. Report copyright infringement.

What do they say about expectations?

“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.” “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”

What does nothing less mean?

Definition of nothing less than 2 —used to say that something is the least that a situation, person, etc., requires or will acceptHe demands nothing less than the best service. I want nothing less than a full refund! This job requires nothing less than our best effort.

What does nothing less than perfect mean?

only a particular quality in something, and not worse: The chef will accept nothing less than perfection from his kitchen staff. Nothing less than something is also used to show something is very important or serious: The president proposed nothing less than a complete overhaul of the tax system.

What does nothing off limits mean?

: not to be entered or patronized by a designated class (such as military personnel) also : not to be interfered with, considered, or spoken of the subject of sex was off-limits in her family.

How do you use nothing short in a sentence?

The party was nothing short of a disaster.Her recovery seemed nothing short of a miracle.The results are nothing short of magnificent.To do that would be nothing short of suicide.The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle.The decision is nothing short of scandalous.More items…•

Is no less than meaning?

: at least —used to suggest that a number or amount is surprisingly largeNo less than half the students failed the test.