Quick Answer: What Is The Smallest 6 Digit Number Having Different Digits?

What is the smallest number of 6 digit?

100000So, the smallest six digit number is 100000..

What is the largest 6 digit number having different digits?

999999We need to form largest 6 digit number using all different digits. Now, Largest 6 digit number = 999999. But we want largest 6 digit number using all different numbers. Thus digits should by 9, 8, 7 and so on.

What is the difference between the largest number of four digit and the smallest number of 6 digit?

Smallest 6 digit number- 100000. The difference is 9999- 1,00,000 is – 90001.

What is greatest number and smallest number?

We know that a four digit number has four places, i.e., thousands, hundreds, tens and ones or units from left to right as Th, H, T, O. If greatest to lowest digits are placed at these places in descending order, we get the greatest number and if placed in ascending order, we get the smallest number.

What is the second largest 6 digit number?

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:To find : What is the largest 6 digit even number?Solution :The property of being an even number is the last digit should be even.Even numbers are the number which is divisible by 2.i.e. One digit even numbers are 2,4,6,8.Therefore, The largest 6-digit number is 999998.

Which is the greatest 6 digit number?

999,999The largest (decimal) 6 digit number is obviously 999,999, and the smallest is 100,000, you should be able to make up the difference by yourself.

What is the smallest four digit number?

1000(d) The smallest 4-digit number = 1000. The greatest 4-digit number = 9999.

What will be the sum of the smallest and largest six digit numbers?

Answer. Smallest six digit no. is 100000 and largest no. is 999999. Their sum is 1099999.

What is the 7 digit smallest number?

one millionHow many 7-digit numbers are there? The smallest 7-digit number is 1 followed by 6 zeros. This number is called one million. The largest 7-digit number is 9 followed by another 6 nines.

Which will be the smallest number of 7 digit using 0123456?

The smallest 6th digit we can pick is 5. We have picked all different digits, and have 1 more digit to pick. The smallest 7th and last digit we can pick is 6. Answer: 1023456 is the smallest possible 7 digit number with all different digits.

What is the smallest and greatest 6 digit number?

Find the difference between the greatest 6-digit number and smallest 5-digit number formed by using the digits 9, 8, 3, 4 (each digit must be used at least once). greatest number is 999843 and smallest number is 33489.

What is the difference between the largest 6 digit number and the smallest 7 digit number?

the smallest 7 digit no. is 1000000 which is 1 more than the largest 6 digit no. 999999…..

What is the 7 digit largest number?

The largest 7-digit number is 99,99,999. The successor of 99,99,999 = 99,99,999 + 1 = 1,00,00,000. 10000000 is the smallest 8-digit number.

Which is the smallest number?

A number cannot begin with 0, so we will put it in the second place. The smallest digit (other than 0) is 1. The number will begin with 1. The smallest number formed is 10459.