Quick Answer: What Is 62 Modifier Used For?

What is the 51 modifier?

DEFINING MODIFIER 51 The additional procedure(s) or service(s) may be identified by appending modifier 51 to the additional procedure or service code(s).” In other words, modifier 51 reports that a physician performed two or more surgical services during one treatment session..

What is the 91 modifier used for?

Modifier 91 is used to report repeat laboratory tests or studies performed on the same day on the same patient.

What is modifier 76 medical billing?

Use modifier -76 (repeat procedure by same physician) or -77 (repeat procedure by another physician) to indicate that your physicians or technicians repeated a procedure or service in a separate operative session on the same day.

How does modifier 59 affect reimbursement?

Modifier -59 is used to identify procedures/services that are not normally reported together but are appropriate under the circumstances. Guidelines: Modifier -59 indicates that the procedure represents a distinct service from others reported on the same date of service.

What is the 24 modifier?

Modifier 24 is appended to an evaluation and management service (never to a procedure) to indicate that an unrelated E&M service was provided by the same physician during a postoperative period.

What is modifier 63 used for?

Modifier Definition Modifier 63 Procedure Performed on Infants less than 4 kg – Procedures performed on neonates and infants up to a present body weight of 4 kg may involve significantly increased complexity and physician or other qualified health care professional work commonly associated with these patients.

What is the 59 modifier?

The CPT Manual defines modifier 59 as follows: “Distinct Procedural Service: Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to indicate that a procedure or service was distinct or independent from other non-E/M services performed on the same day.

What is a 78 modifier?

Modifier 78 is used to report the unplanned return to the operating/procedure room by the same physician following an initial procedure for a related procedure during the postoperative period.

What is the 50 modifier?

Modifier 50 is used to report bilateral procedures that are performed during the same operative session by the same physician in either separate operative areas (e.g. hands, feet, legs, arms, ears), or one (same) operative area (e.g. nose, eyes, breasts).

What is a 74 modifier?

Modifier 74 Discontinued Outpatient Hospital/Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Procedure After Administration of Anesthesia: Due to extenuating circumstances or those that threaten the well being of the patient, the physician may terminate a surgical or diagnostic procedure after the administration of anesthesia (local, …

Can modifier 58 and 79 be used together?

Modifiers 58, 78, and 79 are all used in conjunction with procedures performed within the global period of another procedure.

How does modifier 62 affect reimbursement?

Modifier 62 will be added to claims for procedures designated as “co-surgeon allowed” when a claim for the same procedure code with modifier 62 has been previously submitted and processed for a different provider. Claims for more than one surgeon should have each surgeon’s provider identification number.

What is a 27 modifier used for?

Modifier 27 is for hospital/outpatient facilities to use when multiple outpatient hospital evaluation and management (E/M) encounters occur for the same beneficiary on the same date of service.

Is Xu modifier only for Medicare?

How to Use the –X{EPSU} Modifiers. Modifier 59 is not going away and will continue to be a valid modifier, according to Medicare. However, modifier 59 should NOT be used when a more appropriate modifier, like a XE, XP, XS or XU modifier, is available.

How do you bill modifier 62?

The general surgeon closes. The surgery is appropriate for co-surgery. Both surgeons should bill using the same CPT procedure code (22558) and modifier code 62. Both surgeons should include a copy of the operative report, indicating the portion of the procedure each performed.

What is a 52 modifier used for?

Modifier 52 This modifier is used to indicate partial reduction, cancellation or discontinuation of services for which anesthesia is not planned. The modifier provides a means for reporting reduced services without disturbing the identification of the basic service.

What is the 58 modifier?

Staged or related procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period. Submit CPT modifier 58 to indicate that the performance of a procedure or service during the postoperative period was either: Planned prospectively at the time of the original procedure (staged);

What is a 57 modifier?

Modifier 57 should be appended to any E/M service on the day of or the day before said procedure when the E/M service results in the decision to go to surgery. This informs the payer that the physician determined the surgery was medically necessary.

What is the 26 modifier?

The CPT modifier 26 is used to indicate the professional component of the service being billed was “interpretation only,” and it is most commonly submitted with diagnostic tests, including radiological procedures. When using the 26 modifier, you must enter it in the first modifier field on your claim.

Which code does the 59 modifier go on?

Modifier 59 is used to identify procedures/services, other than E/M services, that are not normally reported together, but are appropriate under the circumstances.