Quick Answer: What Does Triva Mean?

How do you use trivia in a sentence?

Trivia sentence examplesHe can even spout some sports trivia and Christmas carols and stuff like that.

Trivia question: How old was Colonel William Travis when he died leading the Texans at the Alamo.

Otto goes to every bar around that has trivia night and drinks for free.

Trivia) accompanied by the dogs of the Styx and crowds of the dead.More items….

Where does the word trivia come from?

‘Trivia’ comes from the Latin ‘trivialis,’ meaning “found everywhere, commonplace.” One meaning of ‘trivia’ is “unimportant matters.”

What does minutiae mean in English?

plural noun, singular mi·nu·ti·a [mi-noo-shuh, -shee-uh, -nyoo-]. precise details; small or trifling matters: the minutiae of his craft.

What is the meaning of trivia night?

quiz nightsA pub quiz is a quiz held in a pub or bar. These events are also called quiz nights, trivia nights, or bar trivia and may be held in other settings. Pub quizzes may attract customers to a pub who are not found there on other days. The pub quiz is a modern example of a pub game.

What does triviality mean?

1 : the quality or state of being trivial. 2 : something trivial : trifle.

What is the meaning of trifles?

noun. an article or thing of very little value. a matter, affair, or circumstance of trivial importance or significance. a small, inconsiderable, or trifling sum of money.

What are examples of trivia?

Trivia is defined as little-known facts or unimportant matters. Examples of trivia are details of a fight that happened decades ago. An example of trivia is a game in which team members race to see who can be the first to answer questions about insiginificant facts of history, popular culture, art and science.

What is another word for trivia?

Trivia Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for trivia?detailsminutiaetriflestrivialitiesnicetiespetty detailstechnicalitiesfrothirrelevanciesmemorabilia24 more rows

What is the opposite of trivia?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of insignificant trifles of little importance, especially items of unimportant information. essentials. nitty-gritty.

What does Triva mean?

(ˈtrɪvɪə) n. (functioning as singular or plural) petty details or considerations; trifles; trivialities. [from New Latin, plural of Latin trivium junction of three roads; for meaning, see trivial]

Is Trivias a Scrabble word?

TRIVIA is a valid scrabble word.

Is Trivia good for your brain?

Knowing Obscure Facts Is Good for Our Mental Health. Experts say playing trivia games can provide a dopamine rush much like gambling, without the negative effects. It can be quite satisfying and doesn’t have many downsides. That’s how psychologists describe the mental health benefits of trivia.

What is the meaning of trivia games?

(ˈtrɪvɪə ɡeɪm) or trivia quiz. a trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions about interesting but unimportant facts in many subjects.

What does the word trivia literally mean?

The trivia (singular trivium) are three lower Artes Liberales: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. … Triviae was formed from tri (three) and viae (roads) – literally meaning “three roads”, and in transferred use “a public place” and hence the meaning “commonplace.”

What is the difference between trivia and facts?

The line between facts and trivia is in the eye of the beholder (and trivia is of course a subset of facts), but trivia is generally thought of as trivial: briefly, information that is factual but that one can live a full life without knowing.