Quick Answer: How Do I Upload A Picture To The Weather Channel?

What happened to the old Weather Channel app?

You can only download whatever version is available in the App store.

If Weather Channel has changed their app, that’s what you get.

The only version they offer in the App Store is the advertising supported version.

The older versions do not exist in the App Store any more..

How does the Weather Channel make money?

But a person familiar with its finances said that the Weather Channel generated about $100 million in operating profits in 1998 on revenue of $200 million that came primarily from advertising, as well as from fees paid by cable operators.

Why does the weather app on my iPhone not work?

Let Weather app refresh its data in the background. … Open Settings app → General → Make sure Background App Refresh toggle is on and then turn on the switch next to Weather app. Then reboot your device. Once your iPhone has restarted, check out if the widget is not working or not.

Why is the weather app on my iPhone wrong?

In fact, the app gets its weather data from The Weather Channel. If you think you’re getting inaccurate data, there is a possible solution. Apple says: “If you have issues getting accurate weather information, tap the icon in the lower-left corner to go directly to the weather source.”

How do I change the default city on my weather app?

To change your default weather location:Open weather app.Add your location.Once you’ve added your location, press the little list icon that looks like this: … That will bring up the list of weather locations.Hold your finger on the location you want to appear on your phone and move it to the top of the list.More items…•

How do I send pictures to Channel 7 news?

If you have a news tip or complaint that is directly related to content on 7NEWS.com.au, including video and photos, you can now send us a message through our WhatsApp News Feed – 0438 777 123. You can also email us directly – tips@7news.com.au.

How much does the Weather Channel app cost?

The Weather Channel is a free download on the App Store. If you want to disable ads, it has a $3.99 per year subscription.

How do I change my home city on my weather app?

Open the Weather app, then tap the Add icon (at the top of the screen).Enter a location in the Search city box, then tap the city you want to add.Tap Current location (at the top of the screen) to update your current location.

How do I send something to CNN?

Send an email to tips@cnn.com with as much information as possible. Provide your name and contact information if you want CNN to be able to reach you.

How do I allow location to use my weather app?

Android appsFrom your home screen, tap Settings.Tap Apps.Find and select the app.Tap Permissions.Under “Your Location,” tap the Toggle button to “On.”

Does the Weather Channel still do local on the 8s?

The name “Local on the 8s” comes from the timing of the segment, as airs at timeslots that end in “8” (examples: 9:18 and 12:48); because of this manner of scheduling, the forecast segments air on the channel in ten-minute intervals….Local on the 8sCreated byThe Weather ChannelBased onWeather forecast12 more rows

How do I submit a story to CNN?

You can open the contact page directly at: www.cnn.com/feedback/tips/index.html. Click “Tip News” and submit your story to CNN. Once on the contact page you can choose the area most relevant to your story.

How do I post to CNN?

Send cell phone video and photos to ireport@cnn.com. Need help? Use the Toolkit. Some of the videos, photos and audio submitted may be selected for use on CNN.com, in CNN television programming or other CNN programming services, so by sending information you are agreeing to our terms of use.

Why is my Weather Channel app not working?

According to the Weather Channel app users of iOS have reported that the issue can be solved by installing and reinstalling the latest version of the app. While testing the app and looking out for the problem, we found that the Android counterpart of the app is working flawlessly on the Android device used for testing.

How do I send a picture to CNN weather?

Severe weather Send CNN your stories, photos and videos. The weather is often unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Please do not expose yourself to a risky or potentially dangerous situation. Use the form below to send files from your computer, or e-mail ireport@cnn.com from your cell phone.

How do I change my home location on the Weather Channel?

3) On the front of your weather channel receiver, using the up, down, left right, buttons, scroll to “my cities”. It is at the top right of the screen. Press select. 4) On the front of your weather channel receiver, using the up, down, left right, buttons, go to “change my home zip”.

How do I reset my weather app?

On an Android 2. x phone, navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All tab > Weather provider > Clear data. On an Android 4. x or higher phone, navigate to Settings > Apps > All > Weather > Clear data.

What company owns the Weather Channel?

The Weather CompanyThe Blackstone GroupNBCUniversalThe Weather Channel/Parent organizations