Quick Answer: Can I Sit My GCSEs At Home?

Can I take a GCSE exam without doing the course?

For some subjects, yes.

But not all.

Many subjects at GCSE and science subjects at A level have coursework (which has been significantly from previous years but is still present in many courses) or practical lab assessments.

So you do need to find a course for those..

Can you sit Highers outside of school?

People can return to education at any time to take Highers or Advanced Highers. Whether it’s at a local learning centre or a college evening class, learning outside of school is increasingly flexible and accessible. Financial help is also available for adults who wish to gain qualifications.

Can you pay to sit a GCSE exam?

You should be aware that there’s a fee to sit the exam which you’ll pay directly to the exam centre. The exact cost of this will vary depending on which centre you chose. Have a look at our exam booking guide for more advice on how to get this organised.

Can I get fake GCSE certificates?

You may not be able to buy the first/original degree, but you can buy a replica degree that is a replica college diploma. We make replica GCSE certificates, and you can get a fake GCSE from us in less than two weeks. We make exceptional replica diplomas that look entirely real.

How much does it cost to enter a GCSE exam?

There will also be exam entry fees to be paid, which usually cost around £25 – paid to the examining board – for most GCSEs, and £12 for each single A level module or unit (remember, A levels consist of six units). Others cost more – English GCSE, for example, will usually be charged at between £40 – £50.

Can I take a GCSE outside of school?

If you aren’t attending high school, you can still take your formal GCSE exams at a school or college of your choice, and this is available for a wide variety of academic subjects.

Can I get into uni without GCSEs?

Often, universities will specify the minimum grades they expect at GCSE maths and English alongside the more requirements for more advanced qualifications, such as A-levels. … Without the required GCSEs, even if you have the necessary A-Levels, the institutions will likely reject you as a candidate.

Can you be homeschooled in year 11?

While most kids commonly sit their GCSEs at the age of 16, it’s not a legality, and people can take them at any age. Many homeschooled kids start sitting a couple of GCSEs a year from the age of 12, meaning their qualification journey is more gradual – or they might even end up taking more.

Where can I sit my GCSEs?

You can usually sit your GCSE and IGCSE exams at your local exam centre which will most likely be schools or colleges that are already presenting their own students for the exam. You can find your local exam centres using these search tools: Edexcel.

Can I do GCSE online?

Our GCSE Courses are all studied online through our online campus that allows students to work in their own time with expert tutor support. Once you sit your GCSE exams, you will be awarded with an Edexcel GCSE qualification.

Do you have to pay for GCSEs?

GCSEs for free If you are under 19 and do not have a GCSE grade 4/C or above in either English or Maths, and are undertaking part-time courses of 150 hours or more during the year, you will also be required to study the relevant English or Maths qualification free of charge.

What happens if I fail my GCSEs?

Resit your GCSEs through your school You can still enrol to retake your GCSEs at a local school or college. This means you’ll have a timetable and attend classes with other GCSE students. For Maths and English, resitting is compulsory if you haven’t achieved a pass (grade 4).

Can you take GCSEs at any age?

GCSEs are the main qualification taken by 14 to 16-year-olds, but are available to anyone of any age. You can take GCSEs in a wide range of academic and ‘applied’ or work-related subjects at school or your local Further Education (FE) college.

Do GCSEs really matter?

We never say this, but GCSEs don’t matter nearly as much as we make out. You probably need your pass in maths and English, but you can retake. … If you’re that academic, A-level grades and then your degree will quickly supersede GCSEs. Just do your best – really your best.