Question: Which Is Biggest River In India?

Which is the 2nd largest river in the world?

RankRiverOutflow1.Nile–White Nile–Kagera–Nyabarongo–Mwogo–RukararaMediterranean2.Amazon–Ucayali–Tambo–Ene–MantaroAtlantic Ocean3.Yangtze–Jinsha–Tongtian–Ulan Moron (Chang Jiang)East China Sea4.Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson–Beaverhead–Red Rock–Hell RoaringGulf of Mexico49 more rows.

Which river is bigger Ganga or Brahmaputra?

The Ganges is the longest river in India if we consider the total distance covered by a river within India. Two major rivers of the Indian subcontinent – Brahmaputra and Indus – are longer than the Ganges in total length. But the distances these two rivers cover within India are much shorter than that of the Ganges.

Which river is called as Indian Nile?

Indus RiverIndus Sindhu• locationTibetan Plateau2nd sourceGar TsangpoSource confluence• locationShiquanhe, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet and India38 more rows

Which is oldest river in India?

Narmada riverNarmada river is considered as the oldest rivers in the earth.

Which country has no river?

Vatican CityWhich is the smallest country without a river? The smallest country without a river is Vatican City with a land area of 0.171 sq miles (0.445 sq km). It has no lakes, rivers or mountains and depends on Italy for its water supply.

Which is the most dangerous river in India?

river ViswamithriIndia’s most dangerous river Viswamithri , Vadodara, Gujarat, River is full of crocodiles.

Which is largest river of India?

Sl. No.RiverLength (km)1.Indus2,9002.Brahmaputra2,9003.Ganga2,5104.Godavari1,4504 more rows

Which is the second largest river in India?

GodavariThe Godavari is India’s second longest river after the Ganga. Its source is in Triambakeshwar, Maharashtra.

Which is the smallest river of India?

Arvari riverArvari river is a small river in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It just have 90 km of length and it also consider as the smallest river of India and flows through the Arvari District of Rajasthan.

Which is the longest river in Asia?

Yangtze RiverThe Yangtze River in China is the longest river in Asia, the third longest river in the world and the longest river to flow entirely in one country.

Which Indian state has no river?

None. The state with the least no of rivers is Nagaland, with only 3 rivers.

Which is the world’s cleanest river?

River ThamesThe River Thames is one of the cleanest rivers in the world. In 1957 the Natural History Museum declared the Thames biologically dead, meaning it contained water levels so low that it could no longer support life.

Which is the biggest river in the world?

WORLDNile: 4,132 miles.Amazon: 4,000 miles.Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

Which is deepest river in India?

Brahmaputra riverThe Brahmaputra river is considered to be the deepest river in India and the depth of the river is 380 feet deep.

What is world’s oldest river?

NileIt is generally accepted that the Nile is the oldest river in the world, yet based on geological evidence, the Finke River in Australia can also make a claim that it is the oldest river in the world.

What is the youngest river?

It is the smallest river in the world….Roe RiverLength201 feet (61 m)13 more rows