Question: What Is Another Word For Seen?

What is a synonym for Seen?

Seen Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for seen?viewednoticedglimpsedperceivedrecognizedUSsightedspotteddetecteddiscernedidentified18 more rows.

What is a fancy word for see?

SYNONYMS. discern, perceive, glimpse, catch a glimpse of, get a glimpse of, spot, notice, catch sight of, sight. make out, pick out, spy, distinguish, identify, recognize, detect, note, mark. informal clap eyes on, lay eyes on, set eyes on, clock. literary behold, descry, espy.

What is another word for looking at?

What is another word for looking at?beholdingfeasting your eyes onlooking onobservingseeingwitnessingviewinggazing ateyeingeying49 more rows

Is seeing as correct grammar?

Seeing as is the generally accepted form; I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say seen as (though it’s possible I just didn’t notice). Grammatically speaking, seeing as is a conjunction; it fills the same function here as because. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it this way: seeing that, hence ellipt.

What is opposite of seen?

What is the opposite word for Seen? invisible. seen and invisible. unseen. seen and unseen.