Question: What Does Revulsion Mean?

What does ORC mean?


(in fantasy literature and games) a member of an imaginary race of humanlike creatures, characterized as ugly, warlike, and malevolent.

‘It’s one thing to cast orcs or some other imaginary monsters as being evil.

‘One orc says that something hurt the creature and is still lurking in the tunnels..

What’s another word for repulsive?

Repulsive Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for repulsive?disgustingrevoltingrepellentsickeninggrossnastynauseatingobnoxiousodioushorrid233 more rows

What does abhorrence mean in the Bible?

Choose the Right Synonym for abhor hate, detest, abhor, abominate, loathe mean to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for. hate implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.

What is a feeling of aversion toward someone?

1a : a feeling of repugnance toward something with a desire to avoid or turn from it regards drunkenness with aversion. b : a settled dislike : antipathy expressed an aversion to parties.

Is aversion an emotion?

Our aversion to loss is a strong emotion. The aversive response reflects the critical role of negative emotions (anxiety and fear) to losses (Rick, 2011). In other words, loss aversion is an expression of fear.

What does Revulsive mean?

1 : a strong pulling or drawing away : withdrawal. 2a : a sudden or strong reaction or change. b : a sense of utter distaste or repugnance. Other Words from revulsion Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about revulsion.

How do you use revulsion in a sentence?

In 445 a revulsion of feeling led the Megarians to massacre their Athenian garrison. “He is old and feeble, and I dare to condemn him!” she thought at such moments, with a feeling of revulsion against herself. A revulsion of feeling, however, soon took place.

What is another word for revulsion?

What is another word for revulsion?aversiondisgustdistasteloathingrepugnancerepulsionabhorrenceabominationdetestationhorror234 more rows

What does aversion mean?

noun. a strong feeling of dislike, opposition, repugnance, or antipathy (usually followed by to): a strong aversion to snakes and spiders. a cause or object of dislike; person or thing that causes antipathy: His pet aversion is guests who are always late. Obsolete. the act of averting; a turning away or preventing.

What does detestation mean?

1 : extreme hatred or dislike : abhorrence, loathing. 2 : an object of hatred or contempt.

What is another word for dwell?

What is another word for dwell?liveresidestoptenanttentbe domiciledhole upkeep houseput upbe housed93 more rows

What does fervent mean in English?

having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.; ardent: a fervent admirer; a fervent plea. hot; burning; glowing.

Is Revulsive a word?

adjective. tending to alter the distribution of blood by revulsion.

What does abhorrence mean?

a feeling of extreme repugnance or aversion; utter loathing; abomination. something or someone extremely repugnant or loathsome.

What does moral revulsion mean?

a strong feeling of repugnance, distaste, or dislike: Cruelty fills me with revulsion. a sudden and violent change of feeling or response in sentiment, taste, etc. the act of drawing something back or away.