Question: Should You Insulate Between Roof Rafters?

What is the most effective roof insulation?

If you do have a dry attic with easy access and evenly-spaced joists, the cheapest and simplest way to insulate it is between the joists, with rolls of blanket roof insulation.

This can be made of mineral wool, glass fibre or recycled materials..

How do you insulate a shed roof from the inside?

Install insulationBubble wrap. The most basic form of insulation, bubble wrap is very cheap and easy to fit by simply stapling it to the inner surface of the roof and walls. … Rockwool. … PIR insulation boards. … Wool. … Plasterboard. … Hardboard. … Plywood. … Tongue and groove.More items…

What thickness should roof insulation be?

The recommended depth of blanket style insulation (glass or mineral wool) for a loft is 250 to 270 mm. If you already have insulation, but it was put in some time ago, it is worth checking the depth, as only a few years ago the recommended depth of insulation was 200mm, and before that it was as low as 100mm.

Do you need an air gap for insulation?

Solid walls however must be faced with an insulation product, so they can often eat into floor space depending on the thickness of the insulation as an air gap is needed to prevent condensation and moisture build up. Insulation with a moisture barrier means you don’t need to leave an air gap during installation.

Is it OK to insulate roof rafters?

Insulating between rafters will do no good, because the attic should be ventilated, and the rafter insulation would be between two unheated spaces. You can add insulation to the floor; the more the merrier. … Also, make sure the attic is well ventilated. Cold roofs prevent ice dams.

Is it better to insulate ceiling or roof?

As mentioned earlier, attic ceiling insulation is easier and less expensive than roof insulation. Installing (or adding) insulation to the ceiling plane is rather straighforward. And you may use very different insulation materials. Cellulose and other fibrous materials are good and inexpensive choices.

Should I insulate the roof of my garage?

If your home’s HVAC system does extend into the garage, then the attic above it should be insulated as it would for any other room of the house. … Homeowners also should insulate a garage completely, including in the attic above it, if they plan on turning the garage into another air-conditioned room.

Can you over insulate an attic?

There’s really no such thing as “too much insulation.” It is more likely that your attic is not ventilating properly, resulting in warmer air on the 2nd floor and an overheated attic. … Lots of attic insulation will keep the 2nd floor temperature from changing quickly.

Can you have too much insulation in your ceiling?

Yes, in a TYPICAL situation, a house that has too much insulation can have poor ventiliation which can lead to moisture build up and create mold in turn. HOWEVER, if you need to add insulation, there are ways to keep the proper amount of ventilation while increasing insulation.

Should I insulate between rafters?

The general advice we give is that you should always insulate between and above the rafters (warm roof) or between and under the rafters (cold roof).

How much insulation do I need between rafters?

Take into consideration the thickness you want to insulate – it is recommended you insulate to at least 100mm to get the optimal performance. Measure the width of your rafters – this is important if you are thinking of insulating below the rafters.

Should you insulate your ceiling?

In addition to walls and attics, insulation should be installed in ceilings with unheated spaces, basement walls, floors above vented crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings, floors over unheated garages or porches, knee walls, and in between interior walls—especially bathrooms—as well as ceilings and floors.

How effective is roof insulation?

Effective ceiling insulation is the best barrier against the summer heat and the winter cold, saving you up to 20% on your heating and cooling energy costs. Most Victorian homes already have some form of ceiling insulation but, if it has been in your roof for a while, it may not be performing as well as it could.

How do you fix insulation between rafters?

Cut the insulation boards to size using a sharp knife or fine-toothed saw. Install the insulation so that it is flush with the bottom of the rafters but does not fill the rafter depth. In all cases, ensure that insulation boards between rafters are fitted tightly. Fill any gaps with expanding urethane sealant.