Question: Can Bluetooth Measure Distance Between Phones?

What is Bluetooth proximity?

The process of Bluetooth-based proximity marketing involves setting up Bluetooth “broadcasting” equipment at a particular location and then sending information which can be text, images, audio or video to Bluetooth enabled devices within range of the broadcast server.

These devices are often referred to as beacons..

How accurate is Bluetooth distance?

Right now, Bluetooth systems track items by measuring their signal strength — but they have a wide accuracy range of one and 10 meters.

What is RSSI in Bluetooth?

The Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is a measure of the power level at the receiver. When a device scans for Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth radio inside the device provides a measurement of the RSSI for each seen device. It’s measured in decibels, dBm, on a logarithmic scale and is negative.

How can I find the distance between two phones?

You can measure distance with sound. I’ve looked into bluetooth positioning and it istn’ quite as easy as detecting the signal strength. For really accurate results you also need to take into account the types of phone your using, the battery type and the condition of the battery.

Can I measure distance with my cell phone?

Google AR ‘Measure’ app turns Android phones into virtual measuring tapes. … Simply launch Measure, point the phone’s camera to an object, then pick two points to measure the distance in between. The virtual tape measure can measure either height or length. Measurements done by the app are not always accurate.

Can Bluetooth detect proximity?

Bluetooth signals can be used to detect whether or not beacon and receiver device are in proximity of each another; however, the manner in which they operate means their proximity detection does not correspond to consistent, fixed spatial distances [12].

What is the distance between two Bluetooth devices on Android?

just calculate the bluethooth response time in nano secs, physically measure the distance between the devices and make a tree rule… is the same concept of GPS. This is a Laboratory work.

How do you measure Bluetooth signal strength?

Just go to System Preferences and then click the Bluetooth icon. The window that appears lists all your connected Bluetooth devices. You can click on each one in turn to open a new window that includes a small visualization of the current signal strength.

How do you calculate distance from RSSI?

This uses the formula d=A*(r/t)^B+C, where d is the distance in meters, r is the RSSI measured by the device and t is the reference RSSI at 1 meter. A, B, and C are constants.