Is Samsung A70 Good?

Is Samsung Galaxy a70 good for gaming?

To enjoy long gaming sessions, it is imperative to have a big, high-capacity battery that keeps on going.

In spite of having a powerful 4,500mAh battery, the Galaxy A70 is 7.9mm slim, which makes this device very comfortable to hold while gaming..

Should I buy a50 or a70?

The Galaxy A70 is a bigger phone with a larger display compared to the Galaxy A50. … The A70 gets a 32MP primary camera with f/1.7 aperture, while the A50 gets a 25MP f/1.7 main camera. Both the phones offer similar 8MP ultra wide-angle and 5MP depth cameras.

Is Samsung a51 better than a70?

The A70 has a bigger screen and it’s generally fast than A51. It also supports 25W fast charging. On the other hand, A51 has Android 10 out of the box, new design, and quad camera. … At the end of the day, it all comes to your personal choice, if you need a better display and good performance then you should go for A70.

Is Samsung a70 too big?

Galaxy A70 review: Design and display With a 6.7-inch display, the Galaxy A70 is a big phone that’s pretty much impossible to use with one hand for more than five minutes, even if it’s not that big thanks to the small bezels around the screen.

What phone is better than Samsung a70?

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is probably the only offer to beat the Galaxy A70 in terms of screen estate and price, but it’s already a year old, it has a feeble chipset and can’t match the overall camera experience.

Is the Samsung a70 any good?

Verdict. The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a power and feature-packed handset, with highlights including a huge screen, a big battery, a decent amount of power, a triple-lens camera and an in-screen fingerprint scanner. That’s a lot of tech for a mid-range phone and it’s only really let down by its plastic build.

Which is better a71 or a70?

The A71 takes the awesome A70 and makes it even better, improving on every aspect to deliver powerful performance in a beautiful design. The A71 has a 6.7″ infinity-O display with AMOLED Plus colour technology, bringing real-to-life colour to everything you do and watch.

Is Samsung a70 waterproof?

No. Samsung Galaxy A70 is not a water-resistant mobile phone.

Is Samsung a70 wireless charging?

Sadly the Samsung Galaxy A70 doesn’t come with wireless charging built-in. But fear not A70 owners, as Samsung’s latest phone can be equipped with this modern charging technology quickly, easily and most importantly without expense.

Is Samsung a70 Gorilla Glass?

Featuring a rear triple camera, with 32MP low light, 8MP ultra-wide and 5MP live focus, plus a 32MP front camera, the Samsung Galaxy A70 has a next-generation, immersive 6.7-inch, FHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity-U Display designed with scratch and damage-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

How old is the Galaxy a70?

Samsung Galaxy A70BrandSamsungFirst releasedMarch 2019Availability by regionMarch 26, 2019PredecessorSamsung Galaxy A7 (2018)SuccessorSamsung Galaxy A50s Samsung Galaxy A5112 more rows