Is Inquisitive A Positive Word?

What is another word for inquisitive?

What is another word for inquisitive?curiouspryinginterestedinterferingmeddlesomemeddlingnoseynosy-parkernosy-parkeringanalytical84 more rows.

Is being inquisitive a skill?

Curiosity is a table-stakes skill in the modern workplace. Between the networking, the interviewing, the negotiating, and the onboarding, moving on or up can feel like a job of its own. Ask a group of five year olds what they want to be when they grow up, and they have all kinds of ideas.

Is inquisitiveness a sign of intelligence?

Curiosity is a sign of being smart, research suggests. Curiosity could even be as important as intelligence in how well people do in life.

What is the opposite of forbidden?

Antonyms for forbidden approved, sanctioned, Allowed, permitted, authorized.

How do I become more inquisitive?

Seven Ways to Be More CuriousRead widely and follow your interests. … Polish your mind with the minds of others. … Visit a physical bookstore or library and browse the shelves. … Be willing to ask dumb questions. … Put a lot of ideas and facts in your head: Don’t rely on Google. … Be an expert who is interested in everything.More items…•

What is the meaning of the word inquisitive?

given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious: an inquisitive mind. unduly or inappropriately curious; prying.

How do you say I’m curious?

i am curiousam curious. phr.i wonder. phr.i would be interested. phr.interesting to me. phr.makes me curious. curious. phr.would be curious. phr.i should be interested. phr.More items…

Is inquisitive a good thing?

Naturally inquisitive people take the time to question and explore new things because they invest more time into their intellect. This means they dedicate time to find answers to questions out of pure will, not because they feel pressured to do so.

How do you describe an inquisitive person?

You could describe a curious person as inquisitive, questioning, probing, eager to learn, a sponge for information/ knowledge. Another different meaning of a curious person is someone who is odd, strange, peculiar, weird or queer. Stephanie Kaye Turner’s list (almost) does it for me: seeker, inquirer, questioner.

What is a positive word for curious?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for curious, like: inquisitive, investigative, odd, meddlesome, inquiring, eager, singular, strange, unusual, cranky and peculiar.

What do you call a person who likes to learn new things?

Philomath is not synonymous with polymath, as a polymath is someone who possesses great and detailed knowledge and facts from a variety of disciplines, while a philomath is someone who greatly enjoys learning and studying.

What is the meaning of curious in one word?

curious, inquisitive, prying mean interested in what is not one’s personal or proper concern. curious, a neutral term, basically connotes an active desire to learn or to know. children are curious about everything inquisitive suggests impertinent and habitual curiosity and persistent quizzing.