How Do I Transfer Files From My Computer To My IPhone Without ITunes?

How do I transfer files from iPhone to Windows without iTunes?

Method 1: Transfer Files from iPhone to PC without iTunes via iCloud.

Usually, iPhone users backup their iPhone data to iCloud.

So, if you are one of them then you can move your iPhone files to PC through iCloud.

Another best part is iCloud drive can be downloaded for Windows as well as Mac operating system..

How do I transfer files from computer to iPhone using USB cable?

How to Move Files to an iPhone Through a USB CableLaunch iTunes, the free application from Apple that you use to manage your iPhone.Plug one end of the included USB cord into the iPhone, and plug the other end into a USB port on your computer. … Click the icon of the iPhone, and then click the “Summary” tab in the iTunes window.More items…

How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone using USB?

Step 1: Start iTunes and connect the iPhone to your laptop via a USB cable. Step 2: Click the iPhone icon on the iTunes. And choose Photos in the drop-down menu. Step 3: Click on Sync photos from option and choose the folder contains photos.

Can you transfer photos from iPhone to pc without iTunes?

Windows Explorer (called File Explorer in Windows 10) is another option that allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes or any other software. … Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and connect it to your PC. When a prompt appears on your iPhone asking you whether to trust this computer, click “Trust”.

Can I connect my iPhone to a Windows computer?

If you’ve already confirmed your PC is running the latest version of iTunes and that your iPhone and PC are running on the same Wi-Fi network, you can set your iPhone to sync content over Wi-Fi. This will require a lightning cable to physically connect the iPhone to the PC. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB.

How do I move files from my computer to my iPhone?

To transfer files from PC to iPhone/iPad with iTunes:Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and launch iTunes.Unlock the iDevice and trust the computer.Click the “Device” tab and select the category, like Photos, Movies, Songs, and more.Check the “Sync [category]” option and select the items you’d like to copy.More items…•

How can I transfer movies from my computer to my iPhone Without iTunes?

Option 2. Send Videos from PC to iPhone via iCloud.comEnable “iCloud Photos” on your iOS device via “Settings”.Go to and sign in with the Apple ID you use on your mobile device.Choose “Photos” among the options.Click the upload icon and select the videos you want to transfer.More items…•

How can I transfer files from laptop to iPhone using USB?

Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable and tap “Trust” on your device when a pop-up appears and asks you to trust this computer. … Windows File Explorer will open, go to select the files or folders that you want to transfer from PC to your iPhone and click “Open”.More items…•

How do I transfer files from my computer to my iPhone without a USB cable?

Below is a detailed guide on how to connect iPhone to PC without cable.Download and Install. Search “AirMore” in App Store and install it into your iPhone. You may also click the button below to go to the downloading site.Visit AirMore Web. AirMore is a web-based app. … Connect iPhone to PC. Open this app on your iPhone.

How do I transfer data from iPhone to Windows computer?

Copy files from an iOS or iPadOS app to your computerIn iTunes, select the app from the list in the File Sharing section.Drag and drop files from the Documents list to a folder or window on your computer to copy them to your computer.