Did They Nerf The M13?

Did they nerf the Grau?


Infinity Ward has released a sweeping weapon balance update as part of today’s big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone patch – and the Grau has finally been nerfed.

The Grau was the undisputed most-popular weapon in Warzone, and with good reason.

The Grau isn’t the only weapon to suffer a nerf..

Did they nerf shotguns in modern warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s broken 725 shotgun just got nerfed again. Infinity Award revealed the patch notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest update, and the infamously broken shotgun is being nerfed once more. The patch also includes fixes for the campaign, Ground War mode, and various challenges.

Did the mp7 get nerfed warzone?

M4A1 and MP7 nerfs in Warzone After some in-game testing, TheXclusiveAce debunked these theories when it comes to multiplayer, but was unable to come to that same conclusion in Warzone, leaving his investigation open for now.

Did Cod nerf the 725?

Share All sharing options for: Infinity Ward has nerfed Modern Warfare’s broken shotgun three times now. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s 725 shotgun is truly incredible. Not only did it dominate the first couple of weeks of the game’s multiplayer, but it’s now on its third round of nerfs.

Is the mp5 or mp7 better warzone?

The MP5 has the superior time to kill when compared to the MP7, but it falls ever so slightly short because it’s harder to land those shots and you can only upgrade it to a maximum mag capacity of 40 rounds. … We’ve got a best MP5 Warzone setup if you’re looking for the best attachments.

Is Grau still the best gun in warzone?

The Grau was dropped down a few pegs in the June 30 update. The Grau has been the most dominant weapon in Warzone for the past couple of months and it’s not difficult to see why. The gun has virtually no recoil, outstanding damage and range, and versatility unmatched by other ARs in the game.

Did the 725 get nerfed 2020?

The 725 has now been nerfed multiple times, but it seems that the latest tweak actually made the gun noticeably better. The latest Modern Warfare patch notes say that the range of the 725 has been reduced, but as TheXclusiveAce notes on YouTube (via VG247), you can now get one-shot kills from further away.

Is the m13 good now?

The ability to easily control the M13 at all ranges makes it one of the most consistent ARs to use on Modern Warfare. Boasting a good damage output and a slightly slower rate of fire than the M4A1, the M13 is much more effective at the longer ranges but does lack performance when it comes to close quarters engagements.

Is the Kilo 141 better than the m13?

The Kilo 141, in its base form, isn’t exactly inspiring. It doesn’t fire at the rate of some other assault rifles in it’s class, and that means slower kills. … A high fire rate matched with limited recoil makes this gun tantalizing for firefights. Control is a luxury on the M13 even in the thickest of battles.

Is m13 good in warzone?

The M13 is often overlooked in Call of Duty’s battle royale as it can lack some punch over long distances and is slightly less effective than the best M4A1 loadout and the best Grau Warzone setups. … It’s harder to quantify, but the M13 simply feels good to use in Warzone – provided you don’t try to kill snipers with it.

Is Grau still the best?

While the statistics may be worse relative to their pre-patch form, the Grau 5.56 assault rifle is still extremely powerful and is just as good, if not better, than any of the other options. And that is why, despite all these changes and the anticipation from the community, the Grau will remain a firm part of the meta.

Did the m4 get nerfed warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone: RPG got nerfed against vehicles or vehicles got more health (no more one-hit kill via RPGS) M4 and MP7 might have been nerfed in Warzone, as there’s no private games, no way to test accurately.

Did Grau get nerfed Season 4?

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players finish downloading the newest 30-plus gigabyte update, they may be in for a rude awakening: The Grau 5.56, a popular and versatile assault rifle that proved so useful in the open world of Verdansk, has been nerfed.

Is the 725 still good?

Suffice it to say that the 725 has not only lost its status as an overpowered weapon, but it is also no longer among even the high-tier weapons in Modern Warfare. With the correct attachments, the 725 Shotgun can still hold its own at a considerable range.

Is FMJ good warzone?

To put things simply, while FMJ does work in Warzone, it is unlikely to be a perk that many players will want. That is because FMJ does not increase damage against enemy players, and it does not improve a weapon’s abilities against armor, as that is not considered equipment.