Are 0871 Numbers Free With Virgin Media?

Are 0870 numbers free on Virgin?

The Access Charge when calling an 0870 number from a Virgin Media landline is 11.25p per minute.

However, depending on which phone package you have, you may be able to call 0870 numbers for free.

When calling from a Virgin Media mobile, the Access Charge is 50p per minute..

Do I get charged for 0871 numbers?

Calls to 0871 Numbers are charged at 13p per minute plus a network access charge set by the callers landline or mobile provider.

Is 0871 number free on Vodafone?

No, 0871 numbers are never free to call on Vodafone mobile and landline telephones.

How much do 0345 numbers cost on Virgin?

Re: 0345 numbers “Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and must count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls.”

Is 0871 free on mobile?

Some landlines include 0870 in inclusive call plans; mobile plans do so only rarely. 0871 and 0872 numbers are generally not included in any allowances. 087 numbers with a service charge of more than 7p/min (or, if it’s a fixed rate, 7p/call) are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA).

Are 02476 numbers free?

The cost of calling an 024 number When calling from a land line, calls to 024 numbers can cost up to 10p per minute, dependent on the time of day, and there is usually also a call set-up fee.

How can I get a free alternative phone number?

Did you know Google also has a free phone service? It’s called Google Voice and you can choose your own free phone number for voice calls, texts and voicemail. All you need is an active Google account.

What do 0843 numbers cost?

All 0843 numbers are charged up to seven pence per minute, but you should take note that all mobile network providers will vary their prices between one to seven pence, and there is also the addition of an access charge that is supplied by your chosen network carrier.

What calls are free on Virgin Mobile?

0800 and 0808 numbers Freephone numbers starting 0800 or 0808 are already free to call from your Virgin Media home phone. From July 1st 2015 they’ll also be free for consumers to call from mobile phones.

Is the 0345 number free?

No calls to 0345 numbers are not free. All numbers that start with 03, 01 and 02 are usually charged at the same standard landline rate. … This is due to Ofcom regulation stating that 03, 01 and 02 numbers all have to be treated equally.

Why are 0871 numbers so expensive?

This number is one of the most costly phone number prefixes, and one can accrue up to 41p per minute to call 0871 numbers. 0871 numbers, however, are usually charged at expensive rates; this is especially due to the inclusion of a ‘service charge’ to pay for the services delivered.

Are calls to Virgin Media Free?

Virgin Mobile calls are free for the first 60 minutes of a call, 5p per minute thereafter. Re-dial before 60 minutes to avoid call charges.

How much do 0871 numbers cost Vodafone?

Instead, you will be charged for the call. Vodafone charges both a service charge and a fee per minute for making a call from a Vodafone mobile. Currently, Vodafone charge 55p for making calls to 0870 numbers, but there will also be a fee on top of this, dependent on the organisation you are calling.

Are 0800 numbers free after 1 hour?

Freephone numbers starting with 0800 or 0808 are now free to call from mobile phones as well as landlines. The move is part of an overhaul of phone numbers and charges planned for many months by regulator Ofcom which has now come into force.